Geigenbau Federer – Federer Violins

Geigenbau Federer - Federer Violins

Welcome to this edition of the Federer Violins website. This is at least the 3rd iteration. The first site was on a Domino server, the second on a public server running Concrete5, and this one is on a Canadian server running WordPress.

The previous version is hosted here as a static image. The Gallery is now fully populated and is available here with full e-commerce capabilities. There are 3 images missing. I have those instruments in stock and will photograph them in the next few months.

The site is now SSL enabled, assuring you of secure interactions including e-commerce.

2024-01-27: Commenting has been turned off. The latest egregious abuser was zetds dot seychellesyoga dot com. If you wish to submit a comment, please use your Mastodon account with PM to or email to joe **at** Thanks!

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