Paul Federer #057 Violin

Paul Federer Violin #57

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Paul Violin 57

Template: Guarneri
Made: July 1988
Belly: European Spruce
Back/Ribs/Neck: Canadian Curly Maple
Varnish: Golden Orange Brown Oil
Measurements: 9.5 x 32 x 169 x 114 x 205 x 355 mm
Tuning: Top: Back: F sharp
Weights: Top: 73 g Back: 119 g
Comments: Damaged and repaired in 2009. Unspecified impact created a square hole in the lower right rib. In the process of removing the top, a crack was created to the right of the middle lower belly. There was also some impact damage creating a split in the upper right rib. The hole was patched with a piece of maple. The cracks were glued and internally reinforced. The end result is a fairly good colour match on the patch, but the pattern is not a good match. The other rib crack is almost invisible, the belly crack is visible but structurally sound. The character of the instrument has not changed substantially, remaining strong and well balanced.