Header image with 5 fiddles


Marking blocks

Using template, mark corner and end lines on flat side of form.


Cut away excess material with bandsaw. Use rotary sanding drum to sand corner and end blocks to lines - but not over the lines! However, corners must run out smoothly, even if over lines.

Bending Ribs

Carefully bend all ribs to fit template. Use a hot tube or steam. Mark rough side for inside. Be careful not to burn the ribs, as this is easy to do using a hot tube, and is nearly impossible to remove.

Glueing C - Ribs

Choose appropriate spacer blocks to allow loose fit on middle bout.

Apply hide glue carefully to insides of middle blocks and middle ribs. Use spacer blocks and wedges to ensure a tight fit between ribs and blocks.

Hint: apply clear tape to template form (on either side of corner and end blocks) to prevent excess glue from adhering to form.