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Plates Cut Out

Much of this morning was spent on the bandsaw. Cutting out the plates is both tedious and tense. Tedious, because you have to go slow to avoid making mistakes, and tense because a mistake could ruin the plate completely in a small fraction of a second's inattention.

Therefore, accuracy of the cut is very important. If the cut is too far outside the line, there will be a huge amount of filing and sanding required to get the right shape. On or a little bit over the line, and the overhang will not be smooth. Too much over the line, and you have to start over with a new plate.

In the end, I did a very accurate cut on both plates. I spent about half an hour sanding the top plate to the exact shape. Once I mounted it to the ribs, there was very little deviation in the overhang.

Next week I'll sand the bottom plate edges. Being maple, that will take quite a long time.