Header image with 5 fiddles


Trimming Ribs

Trim C - Ribs, but not too short. Sand to fit curve of blocks.

Trim larger (lower) rib square to middle of form. Mark end block in centre line. Bevel end rib for overlap at base of form.

Gluing Ribs to Blocks

Glue upper and lower ribs to blocks, making sure to tape edges of form on either side fo blocks. Start at bottom, then other end of lower rib. Next glue upper rib on the same side.

Continue with upper rib on other side, finish with the remaining lower rib, enduring a tight overlap with the first lower rib.

Marking up the Neck

Mark centreline on length of neck. Use 3 templates - back of neck to scroll, around curve, and peg box. On the peg box, fair the wide end into the neck lines.

Neck lines should be 32 mm at base, 23 mm at peg box, 22 mm at heel.

The heel is the height of the form + 6 mm