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Forming the Back 2

I had a short morning in the shop yesterday due to a product demo scheduled for 9 am. By the time I got to Waterloo and into the shop, I only had about half an hour. In that time I took the left perimeter of the back down to almost the final thickness. Using a combination of the Veritas Pullshave from Lee Valley and a finger plane, the work was fast and accurate.

The pullshave worked great over most of the back, but there is a small area near the upper left that has "difficult" grain. The finger plane was more appropriate in this area.

The pullshave was a Christmas present from Jayne a couple of years ago. I had tried using it before, but didn't get very far that time. This time I found it very productive. The difference is simple - solidly clamp the workpiece! This tool requires quite a bit of force, even for shallow cuts. With a firm and consistent stroke it produces very nice cuts with a clean shaving.

Next week I will take the rest of the back profile down, then start the detailed job of sneaking up on the final profile.