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Plates Routed

With the digital calipers the setup went much faster. I ended up doing two separate setups, one for the "C" bouts and one for the remainder. The setup itself is fairly straightforward, if fiddly. The actual process of routing the grooves is a 2-person operation. My mom, who did this for my dad many times, was the drill press operator. She just had to hold the quill down against the end-stop while I guided the plates under the cutter. The only real challenge was keeping the plate perpendicular to the guide pin at all times.

Once the routing was done, the areas at the end of the "C" bouts and at the top of the lower plate had to be finished by hand. Using a small chisel, this didn't take long. The end result is a consistent thickness reference all the way around each of the plates.

Next comes the tedious and meticulous task of forming the final profiles.