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Belly Attached

One can never have too many clamps.

I thought I had everything ready and in place for attaching the top plate to the ribs. I had realised some time ago that I had the process backwards... the back should go on first, but I somehow reversed the plates when I fitted them to the ribs. It's probably not a big deal, more of an inconvenience. A more substantial oversight was not taking a final weight measurement of the top plate. I can't imagine it's very different from the 74g that it had before I added the cleats.

The glue application and clamping went very well. However, I was short three clamps, so I had to use some from the Cello set. They are the three inset ones on the lower row.

The assembly will now sit for a week, which is far more time than it needs for the glue to come to full strength.