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Goderich Celtic Festival

Last year I attended the Goderich Celtic Festival thanks to Jayne's membership in the Oakville Celtic Fiddle Club. I was very impressed with both the music and the artisans. I applied for an exhibit booth, and was accepted. As it turned out, I was given a prime location by accident. I took my instruments numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5, as well as the body and neck of Number 6. I also took 3 of my father's instruments.

The weekend prior to the festival I built a display stand. It has no hardware, just mortise and tenon joints at the legs and sliding dovetails at the crossbar. I am no longer afraid of sliding dovetails! I rented a canopy from Impact Canopies, and Anne made a very attractive laminated sign.

My sister Kate came from Burnaby to help Anne, Jayne, and myself out. We had steady and at times heavy traffic all weekend. Many people played all the instruments, but most people liked my #2 the best. I always thought that the finish on it wasn't the best, but it does have a strong, clear tone which sounds great in the open.

We were particularly honoured that several of the featured musicians at the festival spent time with us. Mike Vass of Malinky, Emilia Bartellas of The Dardanelles, and Conor Hefferon all made our instruments sound excellent.

I will of course be back next year. We will be better prepared, with our own canopy and perhaps more of my own instruments. We all enjoyed the friendly people, excellent music, and supportive atmosphere of the Goderich Celtic Festival.