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Bridge Installed

This week I spent most of Monday morning working on the bridge. After well over two hours, the bridge was sanded thinner, profiled, and adjusted for fit and finish.

After lunch I had a spare half hour, so I fitted a test sound post and installed the strings. Unfortunately the "A" peg wouldn't hold, so I wasn't able to tune it up properly. Even so, I did play a few notes, and so far the sound is pretty good.

I will be away on business for the next several weeks, but upon my return I will refit the "A" peg, do a proper tuning, and get a better sense of the sound. Then comes the final sanding and smoothing, then the weeks-long varnishing. I haven't chosen a colour yet, but it will be a little unconventional. This will probably be Jayne's instrument, so she will strongly influence the colour choice.