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Plates Jointed, Linings Trimmed


This past weekend was a busy one in the shop. First I had to clear some space in both the workshop and in the garage. Once the garage was clear, I resawed the spruce and cut out the necks. I also bought a good plane. I purchased Lee Valley's Low-angle Jack Plane. Right out of the box, it produced see-through shavings. Jointing the edges was still a bit finicky, but far less so than any of my earlier efforts.

Once the two fronts and the 2-piece back were jointed and glued, I cut a bunch of willow strips and sanded them using the Luthier's Friend. I should have enough for several instruments now.

Before leaving Tuesday I sanded all the ribs. This wasn't to the final thickness, as I want to run them through the sander slowly in order to get as smooth a finish as possible. I'll probably finish them with a scraper in any case.