Header image with 5 fiddles

Back Glued Again


I wasn't satisfied with the rib alignment, so I removed the garland and started over. Undoing a hide glue joint is a slow, meticulous process. I applied hot water to the glue line with a small brush, and slowly, as the glue softened, pried apart the joint. Once the remaining glue had hardened, I scraped all surfaces clean. In doing so, the tuning changed by a half tone to B#, still an octave apart for modes 3 & 5. This process took several days.

Before regluing, I drilled alignment holes in each of the "C" bout corners. With metal pins in place, the alignment was much better, both top and bottom. Working by myself, the gluing took longer. Once everything is set I will confirm that the joint is tight and solid.

I also had finished the inside of the other back. I have decided to call that instrument the "Sinister". While I had hot glue ready, I glued in the cleats on the Sinister top. I will glue in the cleats of the back when I next have glue ready.