Header image with 5 fiddles


Finishing plates outside

Sand bottom (and top) with Mouse to get as smooth as possible. Sand again with wood block and sandpaper (~1 x 1 x 4 cm) to remove high spots. Fill in holes and gouges with wood filler.

Adjust edge thickness all around perimeter:
4 mm all around except
4.5 mm in "C" bouts
5 mm at corners.

Mark back of both top and bottom 6 - 7 mm from edge all around perimeters.

On both top and bottom:
mark end block locations (width = block, height = 17 mm)
mark centre line
on bottom mark 196 mm from each end
take centre of these marks
mark centre point 3 - 4 mm to right of centre line at middle. This is the centre point of the back.

Marking insides of plates

From centre point, mark arcs to divide both ends into 3.
Inner circle is 6 mm, next is 5 mm, then 4 mm, then 3 mm.


Mark centrepoint 5 mm offset from 196 mm point (from neck end).