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Sinister is finished


After a week away for work, the final coat of varnish on the Sinister was fairly hard. I took it to the Art in the Park show on Saturday and did the final polishing while sitting in my booth. I used Vienna Lime powder and water. The feel was just the slightest bit soft. Late that night I glued on the saddle and fingerboard.

Sunday morning I scraped the fingerboard flush to the neck and assembled the tailpiece and strings. I didn't fully tune. Later, at the show, I did a polishing of the entire instrument with my father's special polishing compound. I have almost none left, and no idea how to make more. It left the finish glossy and hard. I applied 4 coats of French Polish to the neck. I then did a full tuning. Since everything takes a while to settle in, I had to re tune several times during the day.

The sound is full and well balanced. I played scales and a bit of a test piece. Several people commented on how they liked the unusual colour. Eventually a left-handed fiddler will make it their own.