Header image with 5 fiddles


Finishing neck

On neck and scroll, chamfer edges to about 1.7 mm, blending out near nut.

Cut out top for neck. Measure neck about 6 mm below top and transfer to top of violin.

Cut into top from edge to inside edge of purfling.

Mark straight line from one corner to other, cut out top deck a bit at a time.

Cut section out to top edge of ribs.

Cut a bit narrower than neck to allow for adjustments.

Mark centre line of neck base. Ideally right side should be a bit lower than left. ~ 0.5 mm


Fit neck into cutout and mark edges against ribs with knife. Cut out ribs to backing block. Use knife to cut edges, chisel to remove material.

Fitting neck

Use chisel to cut down into end block in line with edge of top plate.


Fit neck into place to align with height gauge.


Adjust base of neck for a good fit on tongue. Ensure that gap between base of neck and body is the same on both sides when neck is fully seated.

Ensure that bottom of neck is flat where it sits on tongue.

Align neck so that the gauge aligns identically to F-holes when held to edge of neck.