Header image with 5 fiddles


Fingerboard and Saddle

Trim tongue to fit neck.
Cut back with fine saw, then with knife, then sand to finish. Thickness should be 5 mm, and flat.

Length of tongue/neck should be 12 mm.

Plane fingerboard to fit neck. 23 mm at narrow end, 32 mm at other.
Thickness should be 5 mm.

There should be a 0.5 mm difference between left and right heights from body to top of fingerboard edge.

Cut out space for saddle - ~36 mm wide (to fit) and down to top of rib.
Leave it for a loose fit.

Saddle should be 7.5 mm total height


Glue saddle into place.
Tack fingerboard into place.
Glue nut to end of fingerboard.