Header image with 5 fiddles


Final polishing

Use Vienna Lime Powder and felt for final polishing.
Can also use fine pumice, but it is dark and dirty.
Can also use Diatomaceous Earth.

Paint pegbox and insides of F-holes black. Use a small brush for peg box and pointed stick for F-holes. Carefully wipe excess while still wet.

Remove scrap piece from neck - carefully!
Clean surfaces of any roughness.
Align finger board and nut, leaving a slight (<1 mm) overhang on nut. Mark alignment of fingerboard at nut end.
Apply hide glue to both surfaces of neck and fingerboard.
Slide and wiggle into place, checking alignment to F-holes with straightedge. Clamp.
Apply glue to nut and neck, wiggle into place.

Ream peg holes to a consistent diameter. Turn pegs to fit.
Ream end-pin hole and fit end pin flush.