Header image with 5 fiddles


Final Assembly

Ream peg holes so that each peg extends 35 mm from cheek to end of peg.
Leave each one in its' respective hole.
Mark ends for flush cut.
Cut ends and chamfer ends.
Mark and drill string holes ~ 1.5 mm Ø about 1/3 from side nearest peg grip.

Use scraper to clean up edges of fingerboard - remove excess glue.
Scrape neck clean - do not sand!
Apply French Polish
- 1 layer linseed ool
- 1 layer orange shellac
Keep rubbing until dry / or sticky
Apply 2nd round.

Measure for soundpost fit. Retrieve soundpost and check length.


Growth rings align to length of violin.
Bevel edges side - to - side.

* Insert soundpost 3 mm behind right bridge leg.
Note: * Out of order!

Soundpost must have a tight fit but not excessive.

Apply Peg Dope to each peg - only 1 firm stroke each.

Apply chalk to bearing surfaces of pegs.

Install strings in order G - E - D - A
Tighten only a bit.

Install bridge - careful not to scratch finish.

* Insert soundpost.

Tighten strings, tune, test.

Apply 2 more layers French Polish.