Header image with 5 fiddles


Glueing blocks to form

Set form (template) on flat surface top down. Glue each corner block in place with a small dab of hide glue in centre. Ensure that blocks are flat to surface, and that there is sufficient material (check with outline template).

Sanding Ribs

Sand all ribs to 1 - 1.1 mm in thickness, one side as smooth as possible.

Cut ribs to length and width.
2 - 25 cm x 32 mm
2 - 20 cm x 32 mm
2 - 14 cm x 32 mm

Peg Holes

Drill peg holes 1/4" diameter.

Cut out Scroll

Using a bandsaw with a narrow (1/4") blade, carefully remove excess material. Stay outside of lines! Be careful to leave outside of pegbox intact... it will be needed later!