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Welcome to Federer Violins. Here you will find a variety of fine hand-made instruments, a journal of "How to make a violin", and pictures of a work in process. We hope you enjoy your visit.

We have a number of instruments available for sale. Please contact Joe at +1-613-433-6470 for details on availability and pricing.

New Website - November 2012

We have migrated this website from a Domino server, where it has resided since 2003, to Concrete5, an open-source CMS (Content Management System). All content has now been migrated, and new entries will be posted as I progress with Violins numbers 7 & 8. Please feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions.

Renfrew Art in the Park - 13 & 14 July 2013

It was hot both days, but there were many visitors and lots of good questions. I think of events like this as "planting the seeds". Results will take an unknown time to show.

Goderich Celtic Roots Festival 2013

We are back from the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival, 21st Anniversary Edition! The weather was ideal, although a bit cool in the evenings. We had many people playing our instruments, particularly on Friday. The Pyramid violin attracted lots of attention. Josh and Jessica House of House Guitars were near us again. We also enjoyed visiting with Peter Cox. As always, the music was excellent, and it was a thrill to hear our instruments played by such fine musicians.

March 2014 - Back to Work

After a long cold winter, I am finally back in the shop. I am aiming to have both fiddles at least "in the white" by July for Art in the Park.

Renfrew Art in the Park 2014

Renfrew Art in the Park 2014 was a success! The weather co-operated apart from some rain Sunday morning. Even that didn't stop the visitors. Traffic was steady all weekend. It was a great way of raising my profile in the area communities!

Goderich Celtic Roots Festival 2014

This year's Festival had perfect weather, but fewer attenders. We still had consistent traffic all three days. Since only Kate and I were there the entire time we didn't get to take in as much of the music as in previous years. However, we had talented musicians play our instruments, so in a way we had private concerts throughout the weekend.

Goderich Celtic Roots Festival 2015

I have again been accepted to exhibit at this year's Festival. It takes place August 7-9th, Friday to Sunday. The Sinister is ready, just waiting for a new owner to specify the varnish colour. Ashley's will be ready for her to play, but may not be fully varnished. I hope to see you there.

Goderich Celtic Roots Festival Report

This year's festival was lower-key than in years past. It was the 23rd, so I think people are planning for a bigger and richer event in the next two years. We will be taking a hiatus in 2016, hopefully returning for the 25th anniversary Festival in 2017.

Renfrew Art in the Park 2016

This will be my only public show this year. It will take place 16-17 July at Haramis Park. See http://renfrewartguild.com/artinthepark/ for details.

Update: Art in the Park was successful, in that there was a steady flow of people. One young lady played two of the instruments, doing a professional-level rendition of part of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto. I guess her to be about 12. I had many positive comments, and a few people took my information.

Goderich Celtic Roots Festival 25th Anniversary

This is the big celebration! Reserve 11-13 August to see us in Lions Gate Park in Goderich. As in previous years, we will have a selection of violins as well as Kate's display of fine silver jewellery. We are making many of our instruments much more attractively priced, come and pick up a bargain!


Joe Quilty is still fiddling at the age of 101! I did some minor adjustments on his fiddle so that he can keep enjoying it for a long time.



For the past few weeks I have been assisting Ruthann in refinishing a 3/4 fiddle her father had been working on. She has done an excellent job and will now be taking a few lessons with Jayne. Ruthann plans to present the fiddle and play it for her father at Christmas.


Joe Quilty 102

Joe Quilty playing our #77 at his 102nd birthday party! He plays it at every opportunity. Joe is a founding member of the Renfrew County Fiddlers, of whom several were at the party to play for him.