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Ribs in Place

I spent two days in Waterloo this week, as my sister was visiting from Burnaby. Even though we did a number of other things, I still managed to get quite a bit done on the violin.

With Kate's help, I glued the remaining ribs onto the form. The joint in the lower bout was particularly tricky, since I bevelled the ends. The time I spent finding the right spacers was worthwhile. I only needed 3 small wedges to snug up the ribs to the template.

Once the glue had fully set, I trimmed the excess rib material and sanded the top and bottom flush to the corner blocks. This time I did it on the workbench, instead of on the concrete basement floor, as I had the other five times. My main workbench (the one in most of the photos) is a solid-core door. If not perfectly flat, it is at least flatter than the floor and at a convenient height.

I will be in Ireland next week, so there won't be any further progress for a couple of weeks. At that time I'll glue in the back linings, which is always fiddly work. So far things are coming along quite well in general, and although I regularly check my notes, I'm surprised how much is just falling into place. Perhaps my memory of the process is better than I had thought!